Imperial Vaults is a specialist safety deposit box secure storage solutions provider, supplying state-of-the-art facilities to meet all client requirements.

Serious protection for your hard asset valuables

Built to comply with all ATO SMSF storage requirements and securely store and protect your valuables and investments. Imperial Vaults’ multiple safety deposit box options are able to store a wide variety of items including bullion, investment-grade diamonds, documents, jewellery, hard drives, and other hard asset valuables and investments.

With a core focus of facilitating the highest level of security and customer service, in partnering with Imperial Vaults, you have the assurance that you have secured the ultimate form of protection for your valuables

12 months free storage!

Asset protection is more than home and life insurance. Your customers rely on your ability to help them plan for the future and that includes protecting their valuables and investments. Now you can have the confidence to recommend a company that is ATO SMSF compliant and save on your first 12 months thanks to LightYear Docs.

LightYear Docs Members receive 12 months of free storage for all LightYear Docs partners for the rest of the 2022 financial year. Hurry to maximise your benefits!