Watch this instructional video for the steps to take, so you can access and download your completed documents from the first-generation platform.

Download your docs in 1,2,3!

Step 1. Visit and log in to your account.

Step 2. Complete any “In Progress” documents that you want to keep.

Step 3. Navigate to “Your Vault” and click the button “Download all documents as PDF”.

Things to note:
Completed documents are downloaded in PDF format within a zip file.

Any in-progress documents will need to be completed before you can download them.

You will not be able to relaunch a document from the old site within the new system. The PDF documents you download are for your record-keeping only (they are not executed versions by your clients).

Unless edited, the documents still retain the legal sign off. Refer to T&Cs

Download Done? What Now?

As you probably already know, the new platform has been in the works for more than 12 months and we can’t wait to show you around.

A few new features include;

  • An iPhone & Android App
  • Faster document creation Improved user experience
  • 120+ Legal documents
  • Better support

  • While you’re here take a look around and check out our new platform. You can also schedule a call with our Sales Manager Ben.