Queensland’s premier collectable and numismatic auction house, Roxbury’s Auctions has forged a reputation within the auction industry of the highest service, integrity and professional standards.

Stop! It's hammer time!

Roxburys specialised in the areas of numismatics, coins, banknotes, precious metals, medals, stamps, trading cards, medallions and other collectibles. With over 35 years experience running auctions, Roxbury’s continued innovation empowers vendors to connect with a global audience to realise the true market value of their collections.

Consign your clients’ collectible estate assets with the confidence of knowing you are partnering with an industry leader who understands the delicate manner in which estate assets should be handled and how to maximise their value for the estate recipients.

Obligation free appraisals for LightYear Docs clients' partners

Having someone with the experience to manage estate assets in a delicate manner while maximising their value is truly invaluable and now it’s also risk-free. Roxbury’s Auction House has over 3 decades of experience and you can tap into that wealth of experience for your clients.

As a member of LightYear Docs you are entitled to a no-obligation free appraisal for your clients. Now you can bring the hammer down in your client’s favour.